Saturday, November 13, 2010

PASS THIS AROUND opportunity for the youth

This is a program that I am currently in the works, of bringing to light...  I need people who are devoted to allowing the youth with musical and artistic talent to succeed.....  I will offer email readings in exchange for donations.... contact me for more information and post this link around :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Case of angry clients? *points to the door*

There are times when I can understand client's fustrations. We all have things that happen in our lives. Where we just want to throw rocks at faith.. BUT we get through it..... We learn and we focus on the positive instead of dwelling on negative thoughts and behaviors. BUT.. What about the clients that want to blame the Experts for everything? There are some clients that will go against what has been ordered, mess things up personally, then turn around and say something like "you said it would happen and it didnt" okay so explain to me this... Why did you do a) and b) when i told you clearly that if you did.. things would change, becuase nothing is written in stone?.... I have told clients at times.

You have to turn your negative energy into positive and with this, change will come. You have to look at yourself sometimes, to find out what is happening in your life and realize that you play a role in everything positive and negative. There's way to many chances and opportunities for you to succeed instead, why you take the hard, lonely and depressing road? because it's easier to give up, than to keep trying.

I will not be called names and harrassed because YOU chose to make mistakes in your life and REFUSE to change for the better..... It's your life. LOVE IT. MOLD IT. FOR THE BETTER

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Unlimited package deals? It's like THIS.

I am doing this for YOU the CLIENT. I get absolutely NOTHING out of these deals because I lose out on money, time and often patience because some (again i say some) clients believe that because i offered a discount/unlimited that I should not be able to eat, shower and sleep. I do have kids and I do have a life and it's not all about helping people all day everyday. Now, I know it's called "Unlimited" but there's such thing as common sense also. I cannot be available around the clock, How much good help would I be to YOU if i did not sleep nor eat for three days and then tried to guide you in your life? awwwhhh makes sense now?  I love helping people. This is what I do because I love it, but sometimes it's hard getting emails whinning at me, because i have not be around all day "where have you been? i've been waiting on this and that and i want to know like 12 different emails from 1 person in 1 day is wayyy to much" not only, is it too much for ME. but it's definetely, too much for you. There should be no time in your life where you hang on to someone's word so much.... one or two emails a day i can understand but please. don't email me asking me if i believe you should take the train or fly??? (this is an ie) I cannot and will not do this because its very exhausting for me and it's not good for you.. you have to learn to make your own decicions at time

I need some rest. I am sorry some people, get aggrevated when i am not at the computer all the time but i cannot help that.. for a package deal of about 500$ that would have cost you over 1500 if not a deal you should be grateful and not try to burn the reader out.. it makes no sense.. where's the respect?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You have to understand....

I often get clients who ask me questions and I can clearly feel it in their hearts and souls that they are hurting very deeply. They cannot understand why a lover is not returning the love. They cannot understand why someone did not call back. They don't see why people hurt them. The truth for me is that when often I'm delivering the reading I will give the client everything that spirit gives me. If they do not rush me, because often i get the "okay okay but i don't want to know why he doesn't do it i want to know will he do it" Isn't that selfish??? Shouldn't you want to KNOW why he does or doesn't do certain things? The final result is important but you have to know why things happen.

Often the reasons why they do nor don't do certain things is more important than the actual question itself because they can help you understand your relationship or your partner better. It can help you see if it's something you can handle /deal with in the long term or something you want to deal with no longer. I often tell clients, while doing  a live session I usually need a good 10-20minutes to tell them exactly what is going on... email readings are different they are less rushed.. But live session i need at least 10-20 It takes me a while to deliver accurate information that can help you on your journey. If you want to call me to rush me and tell me "hurry up, i want to know" please call someone else. I don't give false hope, nor quick easy replies.

It's one thing to want a quick answer to something like " Am I going to get a new job? Am i going to be called for the interview? Is he/she going to be with me long-term?   but to want to know why someone has a certain behavioral pattern it's not so easy........

So please be understanding when I tell you that i cannot do it in 5mins.. this is not something that i can rush through.. It's your future after all...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why, I'm a good Clairvoyant/Psychic for YOU

 There's always a time in our lives where we wonder What's next? Is he or She the one? Is this person or that person honest? Am I going to get that promotion? Is my finances going to get better? How about my health?  Wellll It's easy these days to log on to the internet and find a whole selection of Psychics online. The problem with this is that NOT all Psychics are LEGIT.  Not all LEGIT psychics are HONEST. 

You do not want a Reader who is going to tell you lies, Feed you what you want to hear. Your needing a reader who is going to tell you the truth. You want someone who is going to help you see the bigger picture and Your going to find comfort and strenght with your reader. Someone who is worth your money, your time and your trust will never have you leaving a reading feeling angry, bitter, sad or afraid.

I am someone who is going to ALWAYS tell you the truth even when you do not want to hear it. I am going to tell you how to fix the situation, how to make things better, brighten your path... I am going to give you ways and guidance in fixing your path to be able to live your life as happy and fulfilled as can be.  Your going to need to be patient... nothing happens over night and no one who can truly help you can tell you that they can lite a candle or kiss the moon through astral travel and all your problems are going to be solved. those are false promises.

Every good reader WILL TELL YOU that in order to see change you must put in some work yourself.. emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I am always going to be honest and provide you with accurate readings, results.  I am known for giving accurate timeframes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Faced People?? WHY?

We all know someone (co-worker,parents,friend,family member,lover) who is labeled as "two faced" in Societies views someone who is two faced is someone who speaks behind someone's back while not in their presence but when in their presence makes it seem as if they are the world to them. It's someone who goes behind their friends' back and says mean things or random things about them. Turns around and flips the story to make it seem like it was not really said, THAT WAY.

My opinion is that most people, who are two faced are lacking self esteem. They cannot share a friend. They do not want their TWO friends to have a Friendship. So if they can turn these two against eachother, they do not have to fear being left out if their friendship, kicks off. People who are labeled as two facer's are usually good people, but people who have suffered some form of emotional trauma causing them to really fear losing someone/something.
The fear of being replaced, sometimes it/can be extremely overwhelming for someone who has lost all their lives.

Then there's those who barely, have any friends at all and then they are somewhere and hear someone talking about you... in order to try to make conversation and fit in, will often say something innacurate about you. simply to be involved in the conversation and feel that he/she is part of something.
Am i making excuses for these people? NO! Because I've been victim of it many times and it's a horrible place to be. I am not making excuses but it is the truth. Not everyone does things to hurt others on purpose or make trouble for fun. Some people really have NO IDEA what they are doing, while doing it. it comes naturally because of Internal Emotional Scars.

so before you end up cutting off a friendship because of these things. Have a talk with your friend. Find out WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. Chances are there's something deeper than you can see or imagine... not all people are out there trying to hurt you for the sake of hurting

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

People who DONT want the help

I have encountered all kinds of people from different ethnic backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations in this line of work. But it's in my own personal life that i became baffled a short time ago. When  I encounter a client, we discuss the situation. We discuss the options. We find a solution and we begin working on a better tomorrow. Not this time. This is a (friend of mine and i use the term losely) I've known this person for quite some time. This person has had a very rough life.  Family abandonments. Drugs. You name it this person has been through it.  This person has a good heart, COULD be intelligent but chooses to be reduced to ignorance.  Does not want to learn about NOTHING. If a show on television is turned on where you can learn something, she will change the channel She says "this is why i didnt like school i don't like to learn, i can't stand that  crap" Person is always talking about she's judged and no one likes her nor trusts her.

I gave this girl a chance, I took her into my life. Helped her get on her feet. cleaned her up, off the drugs quite a bit.  Then we started talking about things that happened and why she has been so angry at the world lashing out and just saying things to hurt people around her. She said.  I need help, I know i need psychological help. FINE! So, I bring it up.. I said "If you really want the psychological help, I'll arrange for you to be able to see a Psychologist. I will even pay for it, if you need me too"  She takes a long pause.... She looks up, at me and she says.....

"I know I need the help, but I don't fucking want it... fuck it.. fuck it... fuck it...."

You can Imagine the look on my face? I was feeling a lot of emotions but confusion was the one taking over, I asked her.  Why wouldn't you want the help, when you know You need it? She tells me, she does not mind the pity that she gets and that she's born to be a fuck up, so the hell with it?
I closed the chapter right there, some people might be like omg! you really should have kept helping this person. she just really needs help, shes afraid, she's this and she's that. NO.

What this person is, is SELFISH.   We all know some people like that.  They will take, abuse and use you as much as they can with the show of "im changing and i want help" but as soon as help is on the way they turn things around and just love being miserable and using their past as a crutch. Nothing will ever change. 
Sometimes, no matter how much we love the person (family member, lover, friend) We have to cut them out of our lives before they bring us, down with them